Herculon Partner Rebate F5

10-apr-2017 – 30-giu-2017

For Partner-initiated and F5-initiated opportunities that close on or before June 30, 2017, F5 Partners can earn up to $7,000, depending on Herculon SKU* sold.

Program Details

What do you need to do to earn your Herculon Partner Rebate?
It’s simple – sell a qualified Herculon SKU, and earn the corresponding rebate! There are a few requirements:
• Only qualifying Herculon SKUs are eligible for the rebate. For the list of SKUs and their corresponding rebates, please refer to page 2 of this brochure.
•All Partner-initiated and F5-initiated deals must close on or before June 30, 2017.
•There is a cap of $20k payout per opportunity closed.
•Best of all, incentives can be “stacked” where you can earn up to $20K USD per opportunity
•Herculon Partner Rebate is stackable with other current F5 Rebate Programs
Herculon products are designed with a simple, visual user interface to increase security visibility and insights, as well as trim deployment costs. Herculon uses proprietary TurboFlex technology, which optimizes hardware and software to give you the performance and scale you need to meet the demanding requirements of securing today’s environments.

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Moris Tomasini

Product Manager